An ‘Epic’ Tale of Two Riders

April 2018

Almost a year ago the marketing team at Lowe Electrical started working with the Anna Foundation in preparation for the notorious Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike Challenge 2018.

Managing Director Jon and his cycling partner Guy Cobbe started their journey as ‘Team Lowe’ last June, putting in the extra hours on their bikes at home (and abroad) ready for the start of the training schedule that awaited them in September.

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For the next six months, through the coldest, wettest winter, many hours were committed to training. Christmas celebrations were brief amongst the strict schedule (!) and from 1st January the final countdown began. Partaking in events across the Country, with early starts and late finishes, Jon and Guy continued to put in the miles. They overcame knee injuries, muscle injuries and even had to replace a mountain bike after a break-in.

Arriving in Cape Town on 16th March, full of anxiety and anticipation of the unknown, they joined professional cyclists and other courageous individuals from around the globe to take on the most prestigious Mountain Biking Event in the world.

This epic challenge took Team Lowe through the harshest of conditions for eight days, and demanded sincere grit and sheer determination despite physical pain, sickness and exhaustion. They put every minute of their honed fitness into practice just hoping they had done enough preparation for the 653km and 13530m climbing ahead of them.

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Conquering all adversities, on Sunday 25th March all their hard work and commitment finally paid off with the incredible achievement of completing the Cape Epic.

As quoted from the Absa Cape Epic Team “Our heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you who finished. You are, as the late Burry Stander once said, true mountain bikers, the heartbeat of the race and our sport. Every year we are astounded and inspired by the grit and determination shown overcoming crashes, mechanicals or illness to make it home each day. You are all heroes and deserve an applause like no other.”

Team Lowe have raised an incredible £7015.00 (to date) for the Anna Foundation which will fund the education of a dozen children for a whole year. Jon and Guy were able to spend some time with some of the children from the Anna Foundation, whose support along the route and on the finish line was immensely appreciated.

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Jon and Guy would like to thank everyone who has donated, and for all the support and encouragement they have received over the last year.

Lowe Electrical are delighted to have sponsored Team Lowe on this tremendous challenge.

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