LEDs helping sales in the Retail Sector

March 2014
Lowe electrical retail

Lowe Electrical Contractors in Leicester offer a variety of services to many different sectors. These sectors include; Commercial, Domestic, Education, Local Authority and Retail. A recent study found that using LED lamps in retail stores will lead to increases in sales.

The study suggests that lighting used well can be used to help define brand identity, highlighting the image of the retailer more clearly. The study found use of LEDs and ceramic metal halide lamps, rather than halogen will increase energy efficiency and provide new opportunities for accent lighting.

It’s been found that retail is one of industry’s biggest energy consumers – in 2011 retail lighting accounted for 35% of energy used for lighting in the entire service sector and 43% of electricity used in the retail sector. WIth the majority of retailers still relying on traditional lighting solutions – there’s a massive opportunity for cutting costs. With lower operating costs and LEDs ability to create unique lighting effect to enhance a store’s atmospherics they really are important for the retail sector.

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Source : Credit : Lux Magazine, Sedna, thank you.

Lowe Electrical Retail Sector Lighting