Why should you consider changing to LED Bulbs..?

February 2013

Here at Lowe Electrical Contractors in Leicestershire, we are keen to promote energy efficiency and  like to encourage home owners and business owners to switch away from incandescent bulbs.

Although quite an expensive outlay, with prices of up to £25 per bulb… the on going rising electricity prices mean that for homes and businesses with a large number of halogen bulbs, switching to low-energy lighting can actually make financial sense and help you save hundreds of pounds each year.

LED bulbs come with advertised lifetimes of 10,000 hours and up, compared to the typical 1,000-hour lifetime of hot-running halogen bulbs. A typical 35W halogen replacement LED will use as little as 4W, considerably less than the 10W would use to produce the same level of light.

While early generations of LEDs were criticised for being too cold in colour temperature – more of a blue white than a warm yellow – new models are able to match halogens for colour. Look for LEDs with a colour temperature of about 2700k for halogen replacements.

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