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A little cultural enlightenment from Lowe Electrical

June 2015

Lowe Electrical Contractors, based in Leicester have been managing the electrical requirements at Museums and Galleries for many years.

When was the last time you visited a museum or gallery? Do you remember the lighting, how the artworks and subjects were lit?

LEDs are now becoming the light solution of choice for many museums and galleries and the advantages are plentiful.

We all know that LEDs last longer; so replacing bulbs can be carried out less often with the average LED bulb lasting up to 50,000 hours.

LEDs contain little infrared and no ultra-violet; this means sensitive objects may not need additional filters for protection.

Manufacturers are offering a lot of choice today and no matter where the light has to project from; there are solutions available.

Reducing the carbon footprint is also an obvious plus point when considering the installation of LED energy-efficient bulbs.

*In one reported case study, Manchester Art Gallery reduced its energy consumption by 89% by introducing occupancy sensors and programmable lighting controls, the museum also replaced fluorescent tubes and dichroic lamps with LED lamps. The National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery, both in London, have also installed LEDs in many of their galleries.

Our specialist Contracts Manager works closely with Museums and Galleries carrying out installations and reactive maintenance across Leicestershire. Our services for these sites not only includes power and lighting design and installation, but a whole range of other facilities, take a look at our web page here


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The importance of good lighting in the workplace

June 2015

Lowe Electrical Contractors work with many commercial operations and businesses across Leicestershire and the East Midlands. We work from initial building concept with architects to managing complete electrical lighting re-installs in older buildings, always ensuring the appropriate form of lighting is applied, conforming to all current standards.

Lighting uses some 20% of the electricity generated in the UK* but over 75% of lighting installations are thought to be out of date and unable to meet recommended design standards.

Did you know that 80% of our sensory input at work comes through our eyes; therefore the importance of having good quality lighting not only helps with enhanced performance in the work place, but also has health benefits too.

Good lighting in the workplace promotes:

1. A reduced risk of occupational accidents and health problems

2. Better concentration and accuracy in work

3. A brighter, cleaner workplace resulting in a more active, cheerful environment

4. Improved work performance

5. Better visibility, improved accuracy and increased work speed, enhancing production.

It is positive news then that lighting methods are continually evolving through the need to reduce carbon emissions. This requirement has given a perfect opportunity for the development of more efficient and effective lighting solutions that Lowe Electrical install every day.


* Carbon Trust








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Electrical solutions for the Education Sector in Leicestershire

June 2015

After three terms of activity in the classrooms, sports halls and corridors; School is ‘nearly’ out for summer across Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

We know that this is often a time for maintenance. Whether it is new lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarms or CCTV, we can inspect, install and then maintain all your electrical applications

Lowe Electrical Contractors, based in the centre of Leicester, can offer you a wide range of services and on-going maintenance for your School, College, Academy or University.

Our experience in the educational sector includes local authority, academy and private schools, along with further and higher education institutions such as De Montfort University, Regent College and Loughborough University.

If you would like to discuss any electrical or facility management requirements, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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Team Lowe raising funds for the Hope Against Cancer Foundation

June 2015

What better way to spend four days in September than cycling through the Alps raising money for a great Leicestershire and Rutland Charity. This is the 2015 challenge for ‘Team Lowe’ who will be cycling 360 miles, ascending and descending 16,866ft all in aid of the Hope Against Cancer Foundation.

Jamie, Keith and Jon are training hard to take part in the momentous event along with 71 other cyclists. The route will take them from the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva to the fashion capital of Italy, Milan.

The Hope Foundation was launched in 2002 to raise funds for research into the causes and treatment of cancer in Leicestershire and Rutland. Through the enormous generosity of the people of Leicestershire, Rutland and beyond, Hope Against cancer has to date raised over £3 million which has funded 31 research projects into many cancers including bladder, ovarian, prostate, melanoma, liver, bowel, leukaemia, colorectal and breast cancer together with nursing fellowships relating to patient care.

To show your support and donate please visit:

Jamie, Keith, Jon

For further information on the challenge please visit and to learn more about the Hope Foundation Charity please visit here.