Putting Your Safety First with Emergency Lighting from Lowe Electrical

August 2013

emgency lighting

Lowe Electrical Contractors based in Leicester will ensure that your emergency lighting is reliable, and good quality lighting solutions are installed so that a fast, efficient, and panic free evacuation from a building can be made in the event of an emergency. We work with Commercial, Industrial and Residential Clients across Leicestershire and the Midlands, helping design,  install and maintain their Emergency Lighting.

Emergency lighting is a requirement for most commercial buildings and residential buildings such as flats and apartments, so that people are able to find their way out in the event of a power failure that disables the standard lighting. This is particularly important when it is more than just a mere power cut, such as in the event of a fire, which may not only cause a power outage.

The requirements relating to the positioning of emergency lighting are strict. They specify that lights are positioned along escape routes, at every change in direction, adjacent to any step or trip hazards, over every flight of stairs so each tread receives direct light, close to fire fighting equipment and call points, close to any first aid points, and outside every final exit.

But while positioning is important, the reliability of emergency lighting is critical. It is imperative that emergency or back up lighting is activated if the normal lighting fails. Emergency lighting is emitted through various types of end units including fluorescent  and halogen, but LED is widely recognised as the most energy efficient and future proof lighting system.

The cost of implementing LED lighting is, however, falling as the technology and manufacturing process has been further developed by top manufacturers over the past few years. LEDs also have other strengths and qualities which are particularly advantageous for emergency lighting, including the directional capability of LEDs which concentrates the intensity of illumination at ground level and so meeting the British Standard light level requirements for lighting exit routes.

Due to their small size, designers can incorporate LEDs into a wide range of lights – allowing for unobtrusive and discreet fitting. And, because of their strength they are more susceptible to impact and vibrations which makes them the perfect solution for emergency lighting when they might need to be operational in a challenging environment. LED lights can be implemented as a maintained emergency lighting system that also provides energy efficient everyday lighting or can function solely as non-maintained emergency lights.

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Content credit from ECN, edited.