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Office lighting… are you ‘in control’?

March 2016

There are many ways that you can implement energy saving solutions into your working surroundings. The installation of lighting controls could be just one good idea that ensures lighting efficiency in the office environment. Here are some ideas in our recent Linked In Article

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Create a lasting impression with good lighting

August 2015

What can create a lasting impression in your home or office and adapt to your needs in every room? Lighting…

Lighting is an incredibly important part of our lives; from the moment we wake, carry out our daily activities at work and relax at the end of the day, we need suitable lighting to fit.

Good lighting can be changed to suit the room, the mood and the decor of your home or work space through the type of light, bulb and placement.

Lowe Electrical help create beautiful living and working environments across Leicestershire and the Midlands through the design and installation of bespoke lighting solutions.

We work with architects from conception to completion ensuring ideas are realised and delivered for domestic and commercial clients.

For more information and case studies please contact our team of electrical contractors.

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There’s no time for electrical ‘downtime’ in the world of Retail

August 2015

There is no time for electrical ‘downtime’ in the world of retail and Lowe helps keep all electrical systems running efficiently for businesses large and small across Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Providing electrical solutions for retail operations is part of the services we carry out; from initial design concepts to installations we offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to our Clients.

Lowe Electrical and our team of NICEIC approved electricians will advise on all aspects of a project, and we understand business, budgets and deadlines to ensure jobs are completed efficiently and economically.

Whether it’s lighting, heating or an alarm related requirement we can plan in a maintenance contract, for peace of mind or work on a reactive basis.

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Lowe Electrical Contractors helping your business run smoothly

July 2015

Finding a commercial electrical contractor who you can rely on for all your electrical services is incredibly important in the management of your business.

Here to help you run a smooth operation; Lowe Electrical provide a professional, efficient service to all commercial businesses across Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

We are currently working with Clients on the design and installation of LED lighting; projects that will ultimately save the businesses money within a three year period.

We can plan a maintenance contract for all commercial operations and of course carry out reactive maintenance work as and when required.

Other services Lowe Electrical provide are intruder alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarms, a full list can be found here…


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The importance of good lighting in the workplace

June 2015

Lowe Electrical Contractors work with many commercial operations and businesses across Leicestershire and the East Midlands. We work from initial building concept with architects to managing complete electrical lighting re-installs in older buildings, always ensuring the appropriate form of lighting is applied, conforming to all current standards.

Lighting uses some 20% of the electricity generated in the UK* but over 75% of lighting installations are thought to be out of date and unable to meet recommended design standards.

Did you know that 80% of our sensory input at work comes through our eyes; therefore the importance of having good quality lighting not only helps with enhanced performance in the work place, but also has health benefits too.

Good lighting in the workplace promotes:

1. A reduced risk of occupational accidents and health problems

2. Better concentration and accuracy in work

3. A brighter, cleaner workplace resulting in a more active, cheerful environment

4. Improved work performance

5. Better visibility, improved accuracy and increased work speed, enhancing production.

It is positive news then that lighting methods are continually evolving through the need to reduce carbon emissions. This requirement has given a perfect opportunity for the development of more efficient and effective lighting solutions that Lowe Electrical install every day.


* Carbon Trust